Adult Bed Slippers: Knitting Project

You Will Need:

  • Size 10 ½ knitting needles
  • 3 oz. sport weight yarn
  • A smaller amount of yarn for double strand soles
  • Cardboard to make pompoms, needle, thread
  • Yarn needle or one with large eye and blunt point for sewing with yarn
  • Elastic thread for ankle of slipper to make it fit

These slippers are relatively simple to make, provided the maker has some basic knowledge of knitting stitches: garter stitch, knit stitch, purl stitch, casting on amp; off, increasing, and so forth. There aren’t any complicated cables, and the yarn doesn’t need to be really special. Unless, of course, you love the results so much you decide you must have slippers in other colors and in different yarns. This pattern is from a Web site that is a guide to patterns for all sorts of slippers, from really simple ones to quite complicated ones, so if you want to do more, you have the opportunity now.

The Process

I downloaded the most basic pattern I came across, hence, Adult Bed Slippers. Actually, I need a new pair of slippers, and these look comfy. For the bulk of the slipper, I used Caron Simply Soft Eco-Spun, which is cotton, washable, and won’t make my feet itch. It is also readily available at Walmart, and isn’t too expensive. For the additional strand on the sole part of the slipper, I used some leftover yarn I had around my apartment that went with the rest of the slipper, and I didn’t mind if it got dirty. I haven’t made the pompoms yet, but I am thinking that it would be pretty to make them using both colors. The pattern doesn’t specify whether or not one needs to use the same color or not, but I have learned to use my artistic license when it comes to reading patterns anyway, and I tend to experiment. The main thing is that the two yarns have to be of the same weight.

I have also found that I can make fuller pompoms by making two rings out of cardboard, wrapping yarn around them until it seems like there is enough, and then cutting the yarn between the two rings with a pair of scissors. A length of the same color of yarn can then be tied around the cut pieces, in between the two rings, and the rings can then be slipped off. Voila, fluff it up, and there is a pompom. My cat loves to play with these. Usually I only manage to drop a few of the cut pieces, but there are always some that think they can escape. They don’t know about The Vacuum Cleaner.

I haven’t quite finished the slippers yet, but so far, it doesn’t seem very hard, although I am glad I was smart enough to read the whole pattern first. The need for elastic thread isn’t mentioned until near the very end – sneaky. The “one size fits all” part makes me kind of nervous whenever I see it on a garment or in a pattern. I can wear a 9 ½ to 10 in a shoe, so I have been knitting in a few extra rows in the sole section just to make sure the slipper fits. Now all I need is Prince Charming to come and put it on for me.

Happy Knitting!

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