Inspiration and a journey

I have so enjoyed writing the Things I Didn’t Know Tuesday blog posts and it has made me realise just how many of you are interested in the design process – whether that is because you are a consumer of the finished product (a pattern), dream of designing or are already starting down that path yourself.

So I have had an idea.

I have an idea for a collection. Rather than be all secret squirrel and surprise you with the designs I would like to take you on a journey. Starting from tuesday’s post, about the inspiration for the collection, I plan to take you step by step on the journey from idea to finished product for a knit wear collection.

There will still be lots of other TIDKT posts along the way – progress on a collection doesn’t always happen very quickly!

Photo is Andy Sutton© (my very clever dad) Can you guess from it what the collection is about?

The Colours of Suffolk

This week its Knitting and Crochet Blog week where bloggers who focus on knitting or crochet or both join together to blog on set topics: today’s is colour. 
If you’d like to see other people’s posts then google the code: 3KCBWDAY1

The Colours of Suffolk

At the moment I have just finished my first knitted, self-published design. I drew my inspiration from the Suffolk countryside of my home. (I grew up in Suffolk and although I now technically live in Cambridgeshire I can walk into Suffolk in about 5 minutes) the design comes from a spiral chimney in Framlingham castle and the colour is like the heather on the Suffolk coastal heaths.
My next self-published project will be in the flinty blue-grey of the beautiful suffolk churches and inspired by Holy Trinity in Long Melford
* Photo by Oxyman
Other colours that always mean Suffolk to me are the bright yellow of the oil-seed rape that is farmed everywhere in the county and drive sales of hay fever medication up in May and June. (this field is not yet in full flower and the day is very grey but even so the yellow is vivid)
and the beautiful and distinctive Suffolk Pink houses, the colour traditionally came from mixing ox blood with whitewash.
* Photo by Adrian S Pye 
But today I am knitting with the very softest of soft greys…

…almost exactly the same colour as the sky over my part of Suffolk tonight.

PS: RIP my new Brittany needles that were stood on and snapped about five minutes after I took this picture :-(

PPS: I can’t promise a blog entry relating to the topics everyday this week but I thought I’d try and make a show for the first day at least!

*Both photos used are available under the creative commons license