Top Tip: securing a shawl with a loom band

top tip secure shawl loom band

I love a good shawl (had you guessed?) and if you follow me or the #makeitwearit tag on instagram you’ll know that I mostly like to wear them bandana style. But I live a pretty busy lifestyle (who doesn’t though!) which involves lots of walking near windy fens, leaning down to help/pick up after small children, getting tugged at by small children, running after small children…the list goes on and all of these things can unwind the shawl or scarf from your neck, particularly shorter one skein shawls.

As an owner of small children I also own a large selection of loom bands (now utterly discarded) and I suspect I will be finding the damn things for many a year to come. So I put the two problems together to come up with an elegant solution:

I use the loom band to fasten the shawl around my neck. Ta da!

Here’s how:

shawl loom band tip steps

Step 1: Pass one end of the shawl through the loom band

Step 2: Pass the other end of the shawl in the other direction through the loom band (so they cross)

Step 3: Adjust the shawl and place over your head. It can be further adjusted while worn.

And here is why it works better for me than a shawl pin:

  • If the shawl gets caught  then the loom band will break before the shawl or my neck.
  • No sharp ends to dig into small children when I cuddle them.
  • They come in a wide range of colours so you can always find one that blends in.
  • Its discreet and hidden by my hair/the fullness of the shawl.
  • It doesn’t harm the shawl at all unlike pins which can sometimes leave holes.

shawl finished

The pictured shawl is Northmoor Lock from The Shawl Project Book One