Intermediate Patterns

Intermediate crochet and knitting patterns from Not So Granny.

Alyssium Cardigan

A pretty cardigan, perfect for layering in spring, summer and autumn.
Using simple stitches and a seamless construction, this cardigan is almost as effortless to make as it is to wear.



Inspired by the Bombe machine, used in the decryption process at Bletchley, the circle motif represents the drums on the machine. Worked in the round and grafted together to give a fully reversible cowl.



As soon as I saw the early computer Colossus I knew it would inspire a piece of knitwear. The cables weave in and out connecting all the valves and switches that need to be set to crack the codes. The cables in this tank top are a little more orderly. With beautiful patterned waist shaping and classic lines this is perfect for capturing the glamour of the Wrens who worked the machine.


Hilo Shawl

Hilo is a beautiful deep, lacy shawl project perfect for dressing up an outfit for a wedding or christening. It also works well to smarten a casual outfit, try wearing it wrapped around your neck for lunch with the girls.


Nebulous Sweater

Inspired by the beautiful colours and patterns in a Nebula this scoop neck, long-line top feels luxurious with the silk blend yarn, a fitted top and a subtle lacy ripple pattern on body and sleeves.

This pattern is also included in the Space collection.