How to Make Leg Warmers with a Knitting Loom

Searching the Internet for an easy-to-follow leg warmer pattern has not been an easy task. I have found several patterns for crochet and even fewer for knitting. The hardest leg warmer pattern to locate is one knitted on a knitting loom.

Due to my inability to locate such a pattern, I began experimenting with my sock loom and figured out how to make a very nice looking leg warmer set. My sock loom is a 60 peg with an adjustable 5 peg end. The metal pegs on a sock loom are designed so the stitches are close together to create a sock-like appearance. All 60 pegs are used for adult sock warmers. I have not experimented with other sizes to give you the exact peg count.

Begin the leg warmer process by tightening the sliding end of the sock peg loom into place so all 60 pegs are available for stitching. E-wrap the first two pegs on one long edge of the loom. Skip the next peg and e-wrap the next two. Repeat the process around the loom twice.

Complete the first row of stitching by pulling the bottom loop over the top loop. You will have two stitches then a jumped peg then two stitches again. This section will create the bottom opening on the leg warmer.

E-wrap the first two pegs then skip one peg. Repeat the process around. Knit the first two stitches then purl the second two. Repeat the process around the loom. E-wrap the next row. Knit two, skip the next peg, purl two, skip the next peg and repeat around. Continue in this manner until you have completed 15 rows of stitching.

E-wrap every peg on the 16th row. Pull the bottom loops over the E-wrap to create a knitted stitch. Remember every third peg will only have one loop on this round.

E-wrap every peg from the 17th row on. Knit the entire row.. Repeat this process until the leg warmer is the desired length. Leg warmers are between 12 to 13 inches long.

Cast off the last row to finish. Give the finished project to someone you love or wear them yourself. Your newly finished leg warmers will keep your legs warm and cozy over the winter months.

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