Knitting A Toilet Seat Cover

Since we remodeled our bathroom, we bought a new toilet which is amazing. At first, we didn’t want to spend too much money on a toilet, but after reading some interesting facts on the internet about how much time we spend on a toilet, we decided to get one that has seat warming, dual flushing and many more features. It was a Toto toilet which cost us around $2,000 including installation, and we definitely love it.

Since i am a knitting addict and i always find things to knit for, our new toilet brought me a new idea (i know this sounds bad, but hear me out).

I’ve decorated almost everything in our house, and our toilet looked pretty plain, so i decided to brainstorm about what i can do to make it look better.

I tried to find something myself, but i couldn’t, so i went to everyone’s best friend: Google. I searched for some interesting ideas and eventually landed on Pinterest where I found some amazing knitted toilet seat covers which caught my attention. When i first saw them, they immediately caught my attention, so i decided to give it a try.

My first try failed miserably. Since knitting a toilet seat cover is something very rare, and you can’t find a lot of materials and guides on how to do it properly, I had to rely on trial and error until i find something that will eventually work out. After 3 tries, i managed to make an amazing 100% knitted toilet seat cover which took me around 2 days and a bunch of cotton knitting threads. The end result? I love it!

After being successful on my third try, i picked up my needles and cast, and decided to replicate the success and knit 1 more. I finished it, and it fits in perfectly.

Here are some pictures of the final result:

I tried to write a tutorial about it, but since it’s a very rare thing, i decided it’s not worth the time and people won’t be interested in a step-by-step guide. I decided to post the pictures of the final result first, and if there is enough demand from the readers, i will take my time and prepare a full tutorial on knitting a cover for your toilet seat and share the exact patterns that i used. If you guys want that to happen, please send me an e-mail or just leave a comment below this post. I hope you liked this post!

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