Knitting: Miss-Matched Needles Skinny Scarf

The local closeout store had a plethora of Lion Suede yarn at a very incredible discount rate. SO being the compulsive I am I of course bought multiple skeins in every available color. I was going to make a bedspread, or a blanket, or a throw or some extravagant thing. Me, and the two stitch patterns I’ve done, with the three sets of needles I own. Not exactly the best laid plan of mice and men.

I found some peace and quiet after the holiday rush and decided to sit down and play with it. First I tried my big needles, because, as I’ve stated before, I am an instant gratification person and bigger needles make things move faster. A single strand on this became a big open weave mess. It wouldn’t hold shape and it looked like I had a ball of yarn gone bad and decided to wear it instead of untangling it. Next I tried my thinnest needles telling myself the whole time that I could do it even if it took two nights I could do it for the sake of making a wonderful fabric out of a wild yarn. I didn’t get very far when I decided it was too much like work to knit forever on those thin needles and still not have a single thing to show for it.

Once again fate intervened on my behalf. By chance, as I reached into the knitting bag to regain my needles I grabbed two different sizes and began to knit. To my surprise what happened was a marvelous striped texture with out changing the stitch. The only stitch used to create this piece of beauty was is the knit stitch. One stitch one simple, one night, scarf. Just the way I like them.


  • -One ball Lion Suede yarn (garnet)
  • -USA size 6 needle
  • -USA size 13 needle


  • -Start with the number 13 needle and the single strand of yarn.
  • -Cast on 20 stitches.
  • -Using size 6 needle knit the first row off the size 13 needle.
  • -Now use the number 6 to knit off the number 13 and so on all the way through until your scarf is as long as you would like.
  • -Be sure to bind off of the number 13 needle.

Here again I used the tails as part of the fringe on the piece. I liked the pattern but I when I was done the scarf was just kind of boring so I decided it needed something and that something was the fringe. Plus it helped get rid of some of the left over yarn.

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