New Years Resolution For 2019

Have you ever made a New Years Resolution? Have you ever wondered if yours was one of the top ten? Not me! The older I get the harder they are to remember so it’s kind of useless to take the time to make one let alone wonder if it falls in the top ten catagory. If I was to venture a guess though, the top ten would probably be:

  • I will eat less fats and more fruits and vegetables. You hear it all the time and see it all the time so it must be one of the top ten.
  • I will spend less money on trivial things. You see it plastered everywhere. The plastic takes control which causes spending to be at an all time high.
  • I will exercise more and eat less. Obesity everywhere. It has to be one of the top ten.
  • I will call or visit my family and friends more. Well, I don’t see this plastered around much but it’s something that I need to do.
  • I will start a hobby or pick up a new one. We all need hobbies, we might spend less money on trivial things if we had a hobby.
  • I will spend less time on the internet. Hah! That’s a good one, but is it even attainable?
  • I will cut back on the caffeine. That’s another good one!
  • I will give more to the needy.
  • I will give up one bad habit. That would be a really good one!
  • I will tell my family daily that I love them. What a change that would make.

These have to be the top ten because this is what I hear people say almost every day. We all know that we have room for change and that change is good when it creates a better atmosphere for ourselves and others.

When we eat right we feel better. When we spend less we feel like we’ve conquered. When we exercise we feel healthy. When we call our friends and family we feel informed. When we start a hobby we feel like we’ve gained a talent. When we spend less time on the internet we have more time to spend with those we love, playing games, making things, planning the future, doing something together. When we drink less caffeine we aren’t so wired, we can relax. When we give to the needy we feel needed. When we give up a bad habit we feel inspired. When we tell our family daily that we love them we have the assurance that should something unforeseen happen they have those words to hang onto.

Resolutions aren’t so bad.

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