Review: Jelly Bean Jumbo Game

As I mentioned in another review, my oldest daughter got a lot of different board games for Christmas this past year. And, because I don’t want the games to go to waste, I have been making an effort to play them with her whenever I have time.
Last night, she reminded me that I had promised to play one of the games with her before bed. I told her I would keep that promise as long as she picked out a game that was easy to play and wouldn’t take too much time. The game she ended up picking out was Jelly Bean Jumbo.

She got this game from my grandmother and it was the very first time I had ever heard of it. I had seen her playing it with my wife the week before but didn’t know any of the rules. However, it did turn out to be an OK game.

As I said before, I told her to pick out a simple game and, as far as board games go, this one couldn’t have been simpler. Each player gets a bean-shaped dice to roll and the object is to roll one of each color of bean (you collect the cards with the beans on them as you roll the colors). There is also a spot on the dice that allows you to swipe a card from another player.

Because it had so few rules, the game was very fast paced. It wasn’t over as fast as I originally thought it would be (mostly because we kept taking cards away from each other); but we did finish the game in about 15 minutes. As I have said in the past, I prefer shorter games because I don’t have to worry about my daughter getting bored or distracted before it’s over.

One thing I liked about this game is, even though it was easy to play, it wasn’t necessarily easy to win because you were relying more on luck than actual strategy. My daughter was able to win the game without me having to go out of my way to let her win.

I also appreciated the fact there were very few pieces to clean up afterwards. I purposely avoid playing certain games with my daughter because of the set up/clean up time involved with them so I appreciated the fact we had this game put away in about a minute.

I’m not sure where my grandmother found this game. But, if you have kids and happen to come across it, I would recommend picking it up. It’s a game I think your entire family will enjoy.

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