Some Great Dress Ideas For Prom 2020

Prom is coming up and this year should be the hippest prom out of all proms in the past decade. This is a new year and a new decade so lets start off this decade with a bang! The hottest prom dresses ever are being designed all over the world but the only prom dresses we need are here in America. Focusing only on Vintage Style here are several cute ideas for you to pick from! Lets start with one particular site and see what kind of dresses they offer.

Unique Vintage

Stop Staring Black with Red Roses

Some of the best prom dresses are being modeled after the 40’s. Let’s take this particular dress called Stop Staring. It is black with red roses. If you’re looking for something cute, classy and that’ll stand out, go to prom in this dress with big hair and black heels! If you’re into classy dresses, you can’t go wrong with this one. The dress is available in small all the way up to 3x. if you want the dress, order early because who knows, it’ll go out of stock before you get the chance to read this article! The dress is going for 150 dollars. A steal if you ask me!


Stop Staring Landis Grey and Red Plaid

Here’s another stop staring series dress! It’s Landis Grey and Red plaid wiggle dress! Once again this dress is also available in s-3x. Looking for a dress that’s form fitting and will make men stare at you all night thinking they flashed back and are back in the 40’s It’s a pencil skirt kind of dress and has a midriff that helps you suck in your waistline. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or skinny, you’ll look fabulous in this dress. It’s also 150 dollars.

Black and Red Tulle Ruffle Strapless Swing

The Black and Red Tulle Ruffle Strapless Swing prom dress is a fabulous dress and is different than the last two because it’s much dressier and has a red satin sash that goes across the middle! Very cute and is a vintage dress as well as the one you’ll read about in the 50’s style category.
50’s Style Dresses

Vintage Red Poka Dot Lucy

This fabulous authentic vintage dress called red polka dot Lucy dress! It’s only available in 2 and 4. Be careful ordering this dress because you can’t have any returns so measure carefully! It’s a vintage dress and you can’t go wrong with authentic vintage dresses!

Vintage 50’s Black Chiffon Swing Dress

Another authentic Vintage 50’s dress is Black Chiffon Swing dress and is a size 4. It is beautiful and has a light pink lining that’ll allow you to shine through in the bust area. It has a cute keyhole in the back of the dress and just be forewarned, this particular dress has a snag in the front of the dress however that drops the price from 350 to 300. There’s only one size so measure carefully once again! There are no returns!

Have a good time at your prom and remember it’s a night to never forget!

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